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America's Best Lifestyle

Where else in the Unites States can you find all of these:

Miles of public beaches including white granite Siesta Beach. 

251 days of pure Florida sun, and an average temperature above 75 degrees for 9 month a year

Ideal for boats and watersports, with many marinas, launch pads & rentals

Coined the Cultural Centre of the Gulf Coast

An Emerging Food Scene with top class Seafood Restaurants

The Ringling Legacy with Ringling Museum, St Armand’s Circle, Ringling School and Bridge

Sarasota Florida The Village Guru
Sarasota is Not Just for Seniors Anymore

Although the locals may say Sarasota is growing fast and is losing that “old Florida” feel, this relatively small city still is ideal for all residents. 

Most notably, the city is great for families, with miles of city blocks that are full of modest family homes. Not many cities will get a nod from their residents saying the vast majority of the city is safe for kids and is a great family neighbourhood.

Sarasota has some excellent schools such as Pineview & Riverview, is full of park and trails, and is a great place to call home. 

Sarasota Florida The Village Guru
Excellent for Investment

Sarasota has so many wonderful things to offer residents and tourists, and it’s no secret anymore. To live here is to welcome tourists and snow birds into your life 6 months a year. 

Or, you can simply invest in Sarasota in a variety of ways so that you can enjoy both the lifestyle and appreciation! If you are thinking of vacationing, investing, and/or snow-birding in Sarasota, The Village Guru can show you your best options. 

Vacation Living
All Year Long

The city of Sarasota is arguably one of the best places to live in the entire Unites States. 

With year round sun, fantastic beaches, and a rich history of culture and recreation, Sarasota is no longer just a cozy hollow for retirees. Families are flocking to the city from around the country and beyond, in search of a better, more relaxing and enriching lifestyle. 

In fact, USNEWS.com has ranked Sarasota:

#1 place to live in the US for retirees

#2 best place to live in Florida

#5 Safest Community

#9 best place to live in the entire US

Sarasota has a marina, botanical gardens, the Ringling Museum, art galleries, performing arts, and endless recreational facilities, including kayak, hiking trails, many golf courses, polo, sports leagues and even an MLB spring training venue just north of the city. The Keys, or villages that sit along the many beaches, we have dedicated to a separate page, CLICK HERE to see. 

Sarasota’s vibrant food scene is impressive. Endless artisan restaurants are scattered around the city to suit anything from Vegan to carnivore. Most famous options are the seafood houses. 

The Info You Need

You can look on a million websites about the average climate, local attractions, touristy things to do, and the beach vibe. Thats all well and good, but if you are thinking of moving your family to Sarasota, what you really need to know is what will your day to day life look like? It’s a big decision and a big move, you need to know more than just names of beaches and parks. 

Housing & Neighbourhoods

The vast majority of homes in the City of Sarasota are 1950’s to 1980’s ranch style homes, with 2-3 beds, sized from about 1300-1800 square feet. Homes are on wide lots with lush greenery. This lends to the sleepy quiet village feel, as nothing is too pretentious or modern. There is almost no high density housing east of Tamiami Trail and many areas still have that beloved  “Old Florida” feel. 

the city was built by many builders in small parcels, so there are endless “communities” of 50-300 homes with different names, almost like neighborhood titles. Some are deed restricted and some are not. In some areas, the owners can do whatever they want to their property, like parking boats & trailers on their land. In deed restricted areas there are more rules for exterior allowances and there may be a home owner fee for maintenance. Another consideration is whether AirBnb’s are allowed in the neighbourhood. Sarasota is a high tourist area, so if you have a family, you need to consider if you are ok with more and more neighbors turning their property into rental investments. 

The most desirable family neighbourhoods lie south of Proctor Rd, extending through Palmer Ranch all the way down to Nokomis. Sarasota is contained by the beach on the west and I-75 on the east. As you get closer to the beach there is more dense housing and commercial space; you’ll find more the quiet neighbourhoods east of Tuttle Avenue. 

Sarasota Florida The Village Guru
Sarasota Florida The Village Guru

What's it Really Like to Live in Sarasota City?

Is it Safe?

A great resource for helping you with this question can be found at CRIMEGRADE.ORG. Note the type of crime by area, is it car theft or assault? Is it commercial zones or residential? You can also contact the local police department for their assessment .

Are the Schools Good?

A great resource for helping you with this question can be found at GREATSCHOOLS.ORG. Note this is mostly based on standardized testing which has its limits. You are encouraged to call the schools in question, learn about what is important to you – university prep, sports, special needs, trade programs. etc. 

What are the People Like?

Of course the rule reigns true that you attract what you vibe. But generally you will be greeted with a warm welcome to the south, and you can feel the residents’ hospitality. Here, you can still nod and smile at passersby on the sidewalk, and find yourself in a pleasant chat at the grocery store. This may feel very foreign to those moving here from the northern states. Sarasota residents are incredibly proud to call this city their home, and most people who live here, came from somewhere else. 

Cost of Living?

A recent challenge for the residents of Sarasota is the dramatic rise in cost of living. With intense demand comes spikes in prices for housing, both for rentals and home sales. Relative to more urban parts of the country, it is still less expensive, but this is new territory to those who’ve lived here for decades. If you are coming from a higher priced market, try to contain your giddiness about how far your dollar will go here compared to LA or New Jersey. 

Community Vibe?

The most under appreciated aspect of Sarasota is its vibrant artistic history and culturural outlets. The idea of fabulous beaches tends to overshadow the rich diversity or artisans, performing arts, museums and festivals this city has to offer. A good resource for this is VISITSARASTOTA.COM to see all the cultural events and activities you and your family can partake in year round. 

Sarasota also has a flourishing Amish community, who run many local businesses including delicious restaurants and food markets. 

Is it "Touristy"?

Sarasota certainly has a tourist season. The population of the city swells from January to June, and already busy roads can get downright clogged and certain times of day. Locals always breath a small sigh of relief after another hectic season has come and gone. During off season, you can still feel the vibe of the cozy town it once was. As mentioned before, when looking for a home, you need to consider Airbnb’s, and are you ok living around them. Some areas allow them and some areas (deed restricted) may not. You won’t have the opportunity to build neighbour relationships if people are changing in and out every week, or the house is vacant when not rented.  

Sarasota Villages

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Sarasota Florida The Village Guru
Sarasota Florida The Village Guru
Sarasota Florida The Village Guru
Sarasota Florida The Village Guru

Don't Know the Area?
How to Find A Great Neighborhood

Home View

Look for homes online but not to make a decision yet. Find listings of homes you like (size & layout) within the general budget you have and note the area of town to build your research

Google Street View

Drop that little man on the actual streets and take a look around those houses you liked. How are the homes kept? Do you like the style of home? Size of lot? 

Check Out The Shops

You wants to have your daily essentials close at hand. Is it walking distance or do you need a car? Is it grocery stores & pharmacies or pawn shops & payday loans? 

Commuting & Transit

How car dependant is the area? How long will it take you to commute, knowing that the population keeps growing. What is your commuting budget for gas & travel time


If you have school aged children, you’ll want to know what schools they will be going to. There are many options. Use the listing address and type into GREATSCHOOLS.ORG