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We're all about giving our clients our undivided attention, which means we might not be able to answer calls from new numbers during the day. But don't worry, we've set aside special times to return all calls and make sure no one is left waiting. If you have a quick question or want to arrange a chat with Jeff, don't hesitate to shoot us a text! Just let us know who you are and what you need, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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The Best Clients

We strive to be clear about our values, our mission and our processes because we want to attract clients who value the same things we do. This is by far the best way to establish the trusting relationship necessary for a stellar experience. If you think we should be doing business differently than the way we do it, then you will be frustrated, disappointed, and you won't value our guidance or advice. If you want a better real estate experience, you need to find the professional that lines up with your values. Below you can learn more about what we believe in, so you can decide whether you feel we are the best fit for you.

We don't just do what's Legal, we do what's ETHICAL

Real Estate is governed by a lot of laws and regulations which is a very good thing. But even still, there are grey areas on how to handle situations, which leave a lot of room for acting in one’s own interest or in the interest of a client who wants to circumvent the system. 

Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

The Village Guru is steadfast in protecting your interests at all times, which includes when you might not even realize it. Unethical things do happen, and we won’t go there. We believe in Karma and only put out what we want back. 

We believe Expertise Trumps Salesmenship

A good salesman can convince you to hire them, but an expert, we argue, will get the job done better. The Village Guru focuses on being experts in local areas, managing your sales project (systems), digital marketing, analytics & strategy, and negotiation.  We know that we truly don’t sell anything; we prepare and market your home to be the most desirable product on the market when you are listing it. When buying, we teach you our proven process and give you advise so that you choose the right home for the right price. We never hard sell you into anything. For your success, we know you need a multi-levelled expert rather than just a sales agent. 

You're not a Transaction, this is your Life

Most clients only experience buying or selling a home every 5, 10 or more years. They are not experts. They don’t know how it goes or what comes next or what should be expected. But many agents often take the transaction in stride; they’ve done it 100 times before, they know how it’s going to go, what needs to happen, let’s get it done. We believe that this approach – though not ill-intentioned, is harmful to the client experience. 

It’s hard for any client to put so much faith in anyone regarding such a massive life event, or just assume things are going well.  The Village Guru believes we always need to be 2 steps ahead of you, using a system of communication that consistently lets you know where you are in the process, what comes next and what you should expect. Buying and selling can be very stressful, and we know that with the proper systems of communication, we can greatly reduce uncertainty and worry for you. 

You are the Captain, we are the Navigator

There are these age old conflicts you hear in real estate:

The client wants to list too high! ~ The agent just wants the list price lower to sell it faster! ~ The client wants to offer way too low on that home! ~ Why can’t the agent just put in the offer, you never know unless you try!!! 

It happens all the time. This is because no clear roles were established, and often you find clients at odds with their own realtor. What’s different with us is that you always set the price. We are here to educate you with the best advise based on data. We will guide you and tell you from our experience what will likely happen. And then you decide the price. It’s important that you experience the outcome of the price you chose. We don’t often brag, but you will either value our advise from the beginning……or it might take you a month to appreciate it, and thats ok too. In the end, it’s a good learning experience and together, we will win. 


Meet the Founder, Jeff O'Leary

International Sales Broker, Industry Coach & Speaker, Father & Husband

Jeff OLeary The Village Guru h

Over his 15+ year career in Real Estate, Jeff has been driven to redefine the industry. From day one, he realized that the old school sales methods weren’t helping anyone achieve the best experience. Clients didn’t want to work with “salesmen” who were gatekeepers to all the  information and felt pressured into decisions. Clients wanted experts who would educate, support and advise them towards the best fit for them. The clash between sales methods and good service often created poor communication and frustration on all sides. It was time for better. 

Jeff created The Village Guru Canada and later, The Village Guru Florida, and built a sales system founded on integrity and communication. The Village Guru operates on processes, data, analysis, and communication, so that you and your your agent can work together as a team. Your agent is an expert advisor who will enable you to make calm, timely and knowledgable decisions. 

With 1000’s of homes sold, and many happy, repeat clients, the results are undeniable. When you hire The Village Guru, you’re not hiring a “sales agent”, you’re hiring a project manager with marketing, communication, systems, negotiation and strategy expertise. See the difference for yourself! 

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