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It’s very common to be attracted to a variety of homes, neighbourhoods and lifestyles In South West Florida. 

Many clients come to us not exactly sure where they want to live, they just know some of that factors they’re looking for. Others come convinced they know what they want, only to end up buying a home very different. Given how many variables there are in finding a home, it is absolutely critical to use processes and systems to help narrow you down. 

When you hear stories of people looking at 100 properties and spending a year or more looking for a home, it’s because there was no process of focusing and prioritizing. 

Our system is to continually sharpen the image of your ideal home and lifestyle.

We will help you stay focused on the factors that will provide you the lifestyle and house you need most, by helping you eliminate options that don’t fit your goals. It requires a lot of open communication, feedback, analysis and local expertise. 

Buyer Client Interview with The Village Guru

The VIllage Guru

Home Buying System

The 3 phases of our Home Buying System is our secret sauce to building the best possible relationship with you, and getting you the home and life you will love for years to come. We believe better service brings better results. 

Planning Phase

We take the time to get to know you and understand your wants & needs. This is the only way to know how to serve you best. More than just answering your questions, we proactively educate you about the process and what to expect. Our guidance and recommendations are customized to you and your unique situation.  

1. Introductory Phone Call

This is a no obligation phone call with Jeff O’Leary, founder of The Village Guru. Do you like the way Jeff communicates, does he listen and hear you, does he answer your questions well, do you feel he and his team are knowledgable, do you think we would work well together. This is critical for you to know before we spend any time together. 

2. Buyer Questionnaire

After the call we will send you our questionnaire. We want you to see and understand the process from the beginning. The questions will help us to learn everything you need, want, and can’t have in a home and village. We will ask things you might not have thought to say. This is the starting point to set a direction and priorities. (Don’t worry, you can change your mind on preferences as you go, you just have to let us know!) 

3. Research & Planning

As a team, we review your responses so that we can all be on the same page about what your needs are as a client. Especially when there’s more than one buyer, it’s critical to flesh out any differences in priorities, and where each buyer might need to compromise. We plan and prepare a search strategy to present to you based on what we see as the most viable locations/options to meet your needs and wants. 

4. Buyer Consultation

We then book a meeting with you to present you our proposal and strategy based on what we’re understanding from your answers. This is the first of many times you can ask more questions, and clarify or adjust what you feel your priorities are. You are never locked into one path, but the key is to start with a targeted focus and adjust from there. We always use a process of elimination to keep you moving forward. Without it, you can end up going in circles, endlessly confused. We don’t want that for you. 

5. Market Education Outing

Together we will chose 4-5 properties to go look at on one weekend, because boots on the ground is the best way to learn areas and eliminate what you don’t want. In the beginning, it’s easier to eliminate what you don’t like over choosing between two things you do like. So don’t be shy, we need your feedback! The Market Education outing is never to get you to buy a home. It is intended to be a process of hands on learning and feedback. You will see how we work in person and confirm that you would like to hire us to represent you. 

Execution Phase

We use our tools & expertise to search and find homes that fit your criteria. We always provide the research, analysis and guidance for you to make an informed decision. We prepare all the paperwork, ensuring your interests are protected, and then expertly negotiate with all parties to reach an agreement. 

6. Home Search

Now the search can properly begin. The first 5 steps are critical to making the actual home search a success. Our value is not touring you through home after home after home. Our value is teaching you how to assess these homes the way we do; lot size, taxes, etc, so you know if you’re really comparing apples to apples. You will soon learn from us how to properly evaluate a home for its value. The more you know, the more confident you will be with your home buying decisions. All of this will allow you to move more efficiently through the process.

7. Challenge Criteria

This is the make or break stage where your realtor must keep hold of the reigns and continue to steer you towards your goals. Often times buyers can feel conflicted over different wants and needs, and even more so if there’s 2 people buying the home. Interpersonal skills and strong communication come into play as we navigate changing priorities and/or decide what is a viable compromise given a fixed element; which is often your budget. Navigating client emotions and steering you through the fog takes a high level of skill that is not to be underestimated. 

8. Offer Prep

Once you find the home you want to buy,  we don’t just take the last street sale and add on X% as the offer price. Our analytical skills ramp into high gear as we determine what are actual comparable properties to know true value. The Village Guru created a Proprietary Home Value Calculator that determines the low, middle and high value range of any home with a high degree of accuracy. We meet with you to show you all of this work, so you know how we arrived at our results. Armed with this information and our advise based on the market, you will decide the price you will offer on the home. 

9. Negotiations

Have you ever asked a realtor how they negotiate? What are their strategies in different situations? What are the common pitfalls during the process and how they overcome them? Really, this stage is critical, and no one talks about it. In a hot sellers market you might think, what negotiating is there to do? But you would be mistaken. Negotiations are essentially about mitigating emotions, including yours, so that they don’t blur or impede good decisions. It’s also about explaining relevant info and the likely outcome of different decisions. Without strategy, you will find yourself putting in endless offers and never winning. 

Management Phase

As your representative,  we’re on your side. Now is the time when other professionals such as lawyers, bankers, appraisers etc., come into the equation to process your transaction. The problem is that they often do their job with blinders on, and only see their individual role within the big picture. We act as your pilot with the 30,000 foot view to circumvent any issues and advise you with the best options. We use technology and project management software to ensure we remain on track to our goal of getting your home purchase CLOSED. 

10. Offer Accepted

Even in the hottest of sellers markets, our clients usually find their ideal home within a few months. Not because it was a secret perfect gem, but because they adopted our process of prioritizing and refining criteria. As the buyer you now have a lot of steps to complete before you can close. If you buy cash, you can bypass many of the volatile hurdles with lenders, but there is often still inspections and insurance and further talk with the seller. We work with the selling agent to review conditions, inspections, and input dates and deadlines to make sure nothing gets missed. We act as the leader and project manager because too many people can drop the ball and we want to prevent this, to keep the process moving forward.

11. Contingencies

When you hire the Village Guru you can hire us to do much more than just buy your home. We are part of the Better Homes and Gardens Professional Network. We have a unified team of lenders, inspectors, lawyers, etc, that are more committed to a higher level of service and communication. You are free to hire anyone you are most comfortable with, but the challenge with this stage is working with several unknown professionals with no real knowledge of their skills in communication, advocacy, perseverance or negotiation. The more X factors, the higher the chance for someone to throw a wrench in the chain. Part of our process is to reach out to all parties involved to develop a rapport and clearly communicate needs and expectations.

12. Home Closing

Once we get through all the contingencies, you can start to get a little excited about your home purchase closing. However, if you aren’t paying in cash, there’s always hiccups that the lenders can throw our way. Often, closings get delayed, and since we cannot control what lenders do, we focus on making sure you are prepped and prepared for any eventuality. Stress and anxiety happens when you need and expect one outcome, but then you get sidelined and are unprepared for anything else. The Village Guru makes you strong and ready by planning for the worst, and work towards the best. Part of this is to work with the most reputable and dependable professionals, because skill and experience go a long way. 

13. After-Sale Support

We have finally reached lucky step 13…it has always been a lucky number for us. We are here for you long after your home closes for anything you need. Home maintenance related referrals, design/reno advice, long term real estate portfolio planning, and so on. We want to make sure your investment grows over time and/or becomes the home you dreamed it to be. You are now part of The Village Guru family and we’ll continue to provide you value every step of the way. Be ready for your invite to our free family photo events and other fun get togethers! 

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Do you need help determining which community is right for you?
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Do you want to know about The Village Guru Buyer & Seller SYSTEMS, that ensures better results for you?



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Book A Discovery Call with Jeff

Do you need help determining which community is right for you?
Do you have general questions about buying or selling a home in Florida?
Do you want to know about The Village Guru Buyer & Seller SYSTEMS, that ensures better results for you?