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Parrish Florida The Village Guru
A Booming Old Historic Town

Named after an original settler,  Crawford Parrish, who was a cattle rancher

Some of his land was later donated to be used for a train depot

There isn’t much of a main street even today, as the area was predominantly farmland 

The town has stayed small and quaint since the late 1800’s, only to see significant growth in the last 10 years

Several Master Planned Communities are in the works to add upwards of 50,000 residents in the next decade, and also more retail centres

Parrish Florida The Village Guru
Perfect for Families

The “new” Parrish has been designed with young families at the heart of it all. 

New gated communities with resort amenities

A new middle school is planned, and Parrish has recently added modern elementary and high schools. 

The town is also getting  a satellite location for Florida State College

New retail spaces so that everyday chores can be done locally 

Parrish Florida The Village Guru
Quick Commute to the Big Cities

Parrish is booming because of its relative affordability, yet close proximity to larger neighboring cities

Parrish is about 25 minutes to St Pete’s and Sarasota, and 40 minutes to Tampa. Families can access a variety of job markets with ease

Parrish is developing a lot of retail spaces, but if you want to go to the beach, a fine restaurant, or a sporting event in the city, it’s all within a relatively short distance. 

Country & Suburb
Quiet Family Life

The city of Parrish has always felt like the middle of nowhere. As you pass by all the cattle fields, you feel like you are getting away from all the hustle and tourism of Sarasota or St Pete’s

This country feel is somewhat going to fade away over the next 10-20 years, as many of those farm lands become master planned communities. Parrish is committed to keeping a feeling of history and charm alive, but it will certainly become more and more suburban over time. 

Parrish is the kind of town your teenagers might not be terribly excited to move to; as it is definitely a sleepy hamlet with little to do in the way of recreation, shopping, restaurants or the like. But for newlyweds looking to start a family or those with small children, they will be able to grow with the town as it grows with amenities and activities for everyone. There are already well-rated schools for all ages with more to come. Some of high school sports teams are also highly ranked, which might be a draw for some students.

The biggest appeal is of course, that you can get a new starter home for an affordable price. The trade off is that you will be driving to Bradenton or Lakewood Ranch to get most of your weekly chores done until Parrish is more established. 

The Info You Need

If you are thinking of moving your family to Parrish, what you really need to know is what will your day to day life look like? It’s a big decision and a big move, you need to know more than just names of beaches and parks. Although it is one of the fastest growing areas in the Gulf Coast, there’s not a lot of info about the town. We’re here to help fill in gaps so you know The Village Guru is the best team to work with!

Housing & Neighbourhoods

Parrish was for the longest time, a small farming community with a tiny downtown strip with a few bare essentials. As far as commercial space goes, it still feels much the same, until several planned shopping complexes are built over the next 2-3 years. You are also probably hearing a lot about the new build communities, and yes, for the foreseeable future, many builders will be filling in these farm fields and building multiple residential neighbourhoods. 

What some people might not know is the sheer variety of options that are available in Parrish; including estate homes. There is a general worry that the town will explode into a bustling suburb, and to some extent it will, but there will always be much more to offer as well. From old Florida homes, to established family communities built 15 years ago, gated golf course homes, resort style new builds, as well as planned large estate communities, you’ll find it all. Parrish is a viable option for anyone looking to find slightly better prices than in the bigger cities, and to live more removed from the tourist hustle and bustle that’s typical along the coast. 


Parrish The Village Guru
Parrish The Village Guru
Parrish The Village Guru
Parrish The Village Guru

New Build Resort Style Living

There are many new builds going on outside the North River Ranch Community. Some are one builder and some are a joint effort of 2 builders, but they are not the full scale village of North River Ranch. You will still have the gated resort lifestyle with the community centre and pool, and usually other amenities like dog parks, walking trails and playgrounds. The location of the Village might be a little further away from schools and shopping, but the community will be smaller with 200-400 homes. If the builder has the features you are looking for, then its well worth a look. Contact The Village Guru for a current list of builders with lots or quick move ins available.

Parrish Florida Country Oaks The Village Guru

Older Resale homes

Older villages often get overlooked when there's all these shiny new villages for sale. You might not realize just how many communities have been built here over the last 15 years. Most people love the idea of a new home but there are definitely logistical and financial timing issues with buying new. Different challenges in financing exist with resale homes, but are worth considering, especially if you like adding value to a home. Our team of designers can show you the modern potential of a home with a little updating. If you're planning your forever home, we can show you how to make any changes you desire so that you love it for a lifetime. Contact us to set you up on search for your dream resale home.

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Parrish Florida The Village Guru
Parrish Florida The Village Guru
Parrish Florida The Village Guru
Parrish Florida The Village Guru

What's it Really Like to Live in Parrish?

Is it Safe?

A great resource for helping you with this question can be found at CRIMEGRADE.ORG. Note the type of crime by area, is it car theft or assault? Is it commercial zones or residential? You can also contact the local police department for their assessment of local activity and what is going on in the area. 

Are the Schools Good?

A great resource for helping you with this question can be found at GREATSCHOOLS.ORG. Note this is mostly based on standardized testing which has its limits. Parrish has new schools that have not yet had the chance to build up testing history, but come highly recommended. You are encouraged to call the schools in question, learn about what is important to you – university prep, sports, special needs, trade programs. etc.  Florida State College is also building a satellite campus, which is excellent for the local economy to bring more good jobs and business opportunity. 

Is there a Luxury Market?

The best surprise about Parrish is there absolutely is a high end market. And these homes are very exclusive and very hard to come by. When you work with The Village Guru, we do a thorough assessment of your lifestyle needs and wants, so that we can recommend the best places to fit your goals. Parrish is not for the elite buyer who wants quick access to the city nightlife or the ocean. This estate life is for those who want a good size of land, possibly a ranch or some animals, definitely some peace and quiet, and a community of likeminded people you can get to know and appreciate. 

Cost of Living?

The relative cost of living is lower here than in Tampa or Sarasota or any larger city along the coast. This is the main driver behind the hot housing market, as all the builders are flooding to the area. But prices have jumped everywhere, and there’s no secret deal in Parrish. Its central location to all the major cities keeps it in strong demand. Costs you need to consider which you might not currently have are HOA fees (range in the low to mid $100’s per month), CDD fees, which range from $2000-$3000 annually. Some exceptional neighbourhoods have no CDD fees and/or HOA fees. Also consider the cost of gas and car for commuting for work if that is in your plans. 

What is there to do? Is it Touristy?

There isn’t as much to do in Parrish and hence why it isn’t a tourist destination like the rest of the coast. Parrish does have the Florida Railroad Museum, Lake Manatee State Park, The Edward Chance Reserve, Rye Preserve, Fort Hamer Park, The Golf Club at River Wilderness, and The Gamble Museum in Ellenton, along with the Ellenton Outlet Mall. It is a quieter way of life, but certainly offers everything you need in the way of daily amenities and nature. 

The greatest draw of Parrish, is for those weary of the cycles of the seasons; you might love Florida and have lived here for many years, but miss the Old Florida feel, the abundance of nature, and a town of just the locals. Yes, Parrish is going to keep growing, but mostly of residents, all looking for a quieter way of life for their family. 

What is the Commute and Traffic like?

You will hear many talk about how easy it is to commute from Parrish, but we wants to tell you the whole truth. On a perfect day outside of rush hour, outside of tourist season, you might get to Sarasota in 20 minutes or Tampa in 35. But the times are likely a little longer if you are doing the 9-5. What you also need to consider even more is future growth. If every city around is adding 20-50k residents in the next 3-5 years, thats a ton of extra cars on the few highways there are. The I-75 is due for lane addition as it is, and it’s the only real highway north and south. Congestion will be a growing issue into the future. If you work from home or have irregular hours it might not be an issue. Check your route on Google Maps at the time you will be driving, and make sure to factor in extra time for your commute over the coming years. 

Parrish Villages

Don't Know the Area?
How to Find A Great Neighborhood

Home View

Look for homes online but not to make a decision yet. Find listings of homes you like (size & layout) within the general budget you have and note the area of town to build your research

Google Street View

Drop that little man on the actual streets and take a look around those houses you liked. How are the homes kept? Do you like the style of home? Size of lot? 

Check Out The Shops

You wants to have your daily essentials close at hand. Is it walking distance or do you need a car? Is it grocery stores & pharmacies or pawn shops & payday loans? 

Commuting & Transit

How car dependant is the area? How long will it take you to commute, knowing that the population keeps growing. What is your commuting budget for gas & travel time


If you have school aged children, you’ll want to know what schools they will be going to. There are many options. Use the listing address and type into GREATSCHOOLS.ORG

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Do you need help determining which community is right for you?
Do you have general questions about buying or selling a home in Florida?
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