Bird Key

Best Qualities

The best thing about Bird Key is that there is no tourist feel or activity. If you are looking for quiet streets and a residential vibe, then Bird Key is for you. Beyond the sheer beauty of the architecture in the neighbourhood, you also get some of the best views and sunsets on the gulf coast. Ideally you enjoy water activities, because these homes are equipped for the boating lifestyle. You can also meet your neighbours at the Bird Key Yacht Club for a cocktail or dinner overlooking the Marina.

Bird Key Sarasota The Village Guru

Housing Features

All of the homes are fairly new, on relatively wide lots and range from 3,000-5,000+ square feet. Once owned by the Ringling family, Bird Key was eventually developed into a residential community in the 50's and 60's. Since then, most homes have been torn down and rebuilt into the high deman area it is today. There are 3 types of homes: Homes on the Bay (stunning views), Canal Homes (big boats welcome) and Garden Homes (no water access). With around 500 homes, ranging from spanish style, tradiotional, mid century modern and contemporary, there is something for every taste on Bird Key.

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